Huddersfield Street | Galashiels

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Design Proposal


This project is 34 new-build affordable flats with associated car parking and amenity space on the site at Huddersfield Street, Galashiels for Eildon Housing Association. The proposal in relation to the overall context is to integrate the development within the surrounding built urban form and landscape by utilising the existing topography of the site and making physical and visual connections with a range of surrounding features.

The site planning and compact building footprint have enabled good residential density, sufficient on-site car parking and a clearly defined, generous, well orientated shared open space for the residents. This garden space, bounded by low stone walls and planted landscape edges, acts as an arrival space to the principal entrance of new flats and is well observed by both the residents and from the surrounding streets and properties. The garden’s location also provides strong visual connections back to the immediate surrounding context and to the wider landscape that shelters Galashiels.

The building design and form is reflective of the historical textile industry context taking simple, strong masonry walls and gabled forms along with dual pitch roofs, which reference the neighbouring Gala Mill building to the East on Huddersfield Street, in particular. The design intends to create a strong new building at the end of Greenbank Street, framing a view of the landscape beyond, defining an edge to the adjacent retail development and providing a complimentary neighbour to the remaining historic fabric of the Gala Mill and the more recent housing and retail developments.


Eildon Housing Association Ltd




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