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Nestled in the steep wooded valley of the Whiteadder Water, Abbey St Bathans is a small picturesque village in a rural part of East Berwickshire. After a consultation with the local community, planning for a new village hall has been identified as a priority in the Community Action Plan. And the village hall as a meeting and gathering place, particularly for the younger children, should be the primary function of any new village hall design. Drawing inspiration from the current village hall and its woodland surroundings, the proposal aims to create a replacement building that is simple in its physical form but offers flexible yet robust functionality, meeting the growing need of the local community.

Internal Arrangements

Taking on board the basic form and functions of the existing hall, the new village hall, in accordance with the wishes of the
community, offers a more spacious ‘meeting/gathering hall’ and a set of supplementary rooms with clearly defined functionality. The increased provisions of catering, storage and sanitary facilities would bring the village hall to a contemporary standard.


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