Tweedbridge Court | Peebles

Design Proposal


Development Sketches

An affordable housing scheme for Eildon Housing association which provides 22 dwellings of mixed accommodation (maisonettes and flats) split into 2 blocks, with associated parking and landscaping.

Situated at a prominent site beside the Tweed Bridge crossing the River Tweed, in the historic town of Peebles in the Scottish Borders.

The scheme looks to re-develop the site, replace the previous sheltered housing development, and provide affordable homes within easy reach of the town centre.

The form of the separated elevations facing the river, and the proportions of the window openings took inspiration from the Victorian villas that can be seen similarly facing the river through the trees on the north bank nearby, and the proposed natural stone cladding for lower walls at pedestrian level is to be selected to have a similar appearance to whinstone.


Eildon Housing


Peebles, Scottish Borders


From the outset, the intention was to provide a strong river frontage to best suit the characteristics and landscape setting of
this site location, while at the same time minimising the impact on adjacent properties as far as possible. Thus the north side of the site was considered the best position for the proposed buildings, with the landscaped gardens and parking areas to the south.

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