Bridge House | Edinburgh


Design Proposal

Final Proposal

The proposal organises itself around the two axes of movement that the bridge would have originally facilitated. At ground level, the internal spaces are organised around a generous central corridor, which exposes the underside of the arch and leads through to the living space opening onto the garden to the West. Progression through the internal spaces has been directed to allow the bridge to be seen and occupied in different ways, exposing the occupant to a sequence of glimpses that give progressively clearer views of the structure. This sequence leads to the top of the bridge, which accommodates an open kitchen/dining space that opens to a garden space to the North.

Externally, the sheer zinc-clad surfaces of the East and West elevations are intended to reflect the simple clarity of industrial vernacular structures. This ‘refined railway shed’ aims to act as a visual reminder of the area’s industrial heritage, translated into an unapologetically contemporary architectural language. The North and South elevations are detailed in a ‘softer’ larch cladding to allow for more visually lightweight junctions with the existing stonework.

Both the existing structure and immediate surroundings offer an excellent opportunity for the addition of a generous family home. The proposed house allows for a spacious internal layout with ample living space, private green space, and access to natural light.